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A glimpse into my micro crocheting journey… FAQS

 First and foremost I have to say I’m more of a picture sharer. I don’t really have much to say! Thus the blog has been quiet. But I wanted a blog so I can call myself a blogger so here we are lol. I felt this post is necessary as I don’t really like to leave questions unanswered but at the same time I can’t answer the questions one by one each time I make an update regarding my works. So today I’ll be answering almost all the questions (especially the common ones) that I can remember and think of.  I may also do a short summary post (Not sure when! lol) on tips regarding micro crocheting. I don’t like to read lengthy posts but I know this is a lenghty one. Oops!

I am amazed my photos have inspired so many to try micro crocheting blanket patterns like the Mandala Madness by Helen Shrimpton and Sophie’s Universe by Dedri Uys. I’m guessing it’s because I am an amateur and am relatable? So if a person like me with 2 years of crocheting can achieve this, with a right amount of factors combined, I believe you can do what I did too! Even though I was not the first crocheter to attempt making micros, I am still very flattered and humbled and encouraged by the attention and interest shown by crafters around me.

So here comes the interview.

To myself, from myself lol.



Q : How did you get into micro crocheting? 

A : The idea to micro crochet came to mind in the early January 2017 when I was doing a mini spring clean of my crafting stash and found a old box of DMC embroidery floss. At that time I was working on a rose granny square lap blanket with fingering weight yarn with a 2mm hook (It was my thinnest hook attempt yet.)

This was the rose granny square lap blanket that I was working on…

Pattern by Gulay Degirmenci. http://www.gulaydegirmenci.com/2016/02/gul-motifin-videosu.html

I was thinking I can use those cross stitch threads so I tried to crochet with the loose strands. I started with 6 strands, then I tried 3 strands. Then I remembered I have a 0.75mm hook. Took out that hook, sorted out one strand and worked the same rose granny square pattern.

This was the first micro try out… And that was when I fell in love. I thought to myself, “I want to make a micro Sophie.” I know I can’t dive into it right away so I shall work on other things and make my way towards her.

I do remember seeing Geneva-Kae Snyder’s unbelievable Micro Sophie over a year back. I was still learning and making awful looking amigurumis and small items like bags and beginner projects in regular yarn and was thinking there is NO WAY that I can do something so exquisite and intricate. It is not humanly possible! (Look at me now. So never say never ok?!) Hers was a perfect 10 inch square. Mine came out to be 14 inches a square when stretched.


She's finished! I did it! 🎉 I did a quick 'stretch' so she'll look pretty for a shot. She's a 14 inches square when stretched. Will definately frame her up. 💓 💓 💓 💓 💓 #microsophiesuniverse Pattern : Sophie's Universe by @barbertondaisy Done in sewing thread. Gutermann sulky cotton 12. Hook sizes 0.5mm and 0.55mm #microcrochet #minicrochet #crochetersofinstagram #sophiesuniverse #sewingthread #dedriuys #petalcrush #sfmgsswoon #sgcrochet #singaporecrochetgirl #craftastherapy #bhooked #imadethis #crochetalong #cal #craftcolormyday #modernmaker #makersgonnamake #craftsposure #crochetcommunity #sophiesuniversecal2015 #crochetmaniac #gutermann #crocheteveryday #crochetgram #lovecrochet #crochetgoals #crochetconcupiscence #singaporeart

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Q : How long did it take you to train yourself to work with tiny hooks? What did you do? What do I need to have to try micro crocheting?

A : It isn’t a first try success story for me. I know I needed a few things ready first. Mostly mental preparation work.

You will need :



-patience ( A LOT OF IT )

and lastly the most important, something that will take you through ANYTHING that you want to achieve in life, a whole lot of GRIT.

And yes, you have to really really WANT it. And once you get rid of that fear (mind over matter), half the battle is won.

I strongly encourage others to SLOWLY work their way towards it and don’t give up. Unless you have a strong will I don’t recommend jumping right into something that is not near your comfort zone else it may put you off instead which I am seeing it happening to some who have spoken to me.

Someone said to me that she has no issues working with tiny hooks but she wished someone could do the first few rows for her. So from there I can sense at least one element is missing already. So you have to realize there is no shortcut available too.

At least you are luckier than me. I had no one to ask when I attempted this jouney. I walked alone, but sharing it on social media has made me realized I’m not really alone in this walk after all. What amazed me is that people feel inspired to try micro crocheting and have been cheering me on. That made me happy and motivated to carry on. ( I know I will complete my works but knowing there are people who care made the journey sweeter.)

I remember one sweet lady she said: “Oh please finish it soon! I’m in my 70s. Future uncertain lol.” That cracked me up.

So after I finished that rose blanket, I decided it was time to go smaller and picked to work on the Mandala Madness in lace yarn in 1mm hook.

The first part was not very uncomfortable. From using a 2mm to a 1mm hook, the transition was a breeze which surprised me.

Pattern by Helen Shrimpton. http://www.crystalsandcrochet.com/crochet/category/mandala-madness/

I was able to work on it day or night so I finished her quickly.

I got excited and wanted to keep the momentum so I started Sophie’s Universe.

Pattern by Dedri Uys. http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/sophies-universe-cal-2015/sophies-universe-cal-2015-information/

The initial fear was there but the more I crochet, the more comfortable I got. (Totally mind over matter, trust me it will get easier the more you work on it.) More photos on my Instagram and under the hashtags #microsophiesuniverse and #micromandalamadness. If you are on Instagram and are working these, please use the hashtags! I’ll love to see them and I am sure many other micro enthusiasts would love to see too!

The only hard part for me to manage was the curling. I like how the stitches look so I chose that over increasing the hook size a few more times. I increased my hook size once only.

I've reached Sophie's Garden, part 4 of Sophie's Universe 🌌 Started with 0.5mm (that's the smallest hook size I've got) and switched to 0.55mm when squaring up. I think I don't need to increase hook size for now. The mandala part is curling up a bit. I think I should have gotten a 0.4mm but I will be framing it up so I think I'll live with it 😂 💓 Was only working on 2,3 rounds a day so this is going to take me a while. 🤗💗💗💗 #sophiesuniverse #sophiesgarden #sophiesuniversecal #sophiesuniversecal2015 #minicrochet #microcrochet #handsthathook #craftastherapy #singaporecrochetgirl #bhooked #handmade #petalcrush #sfmgsswoon #sharemycrochetmakes #crochetcolourcrush #crochetconcupiscence #guetermann #getcreative #sewingthread #crochetthread #crocheter #handmade #crochetersofinstagram #crochetcommunity #crochetaddict #crochetmaniac #crocheteveryday #lovecrochet #crochetgram #microsophiesuniverse #gutermann

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This was one of the later photo of Sophie after washing and blocking. It’s not obvious but the ‘puff’ in the center has flatten down a lot. I hope to frame my micro works plus Sophie hopefully by the end of the year.

It's a week of school holidays so I won't be able to crochet much during the day. The kids were playing with their dolls. I thought I'll join in. 😶 Look how Princess Brave is working my Sophie's Universe. 😂 💓 I haven't got around to framing her yet. 🙈🙈🙈 #microcrochet #minicrochet #microsophiesuniverse #gutermann #sewingthread #dedriuys #princessbrave #princessmerida #miniaturecrochet #threadporn #miniatureblanket #instasg #sgcrafters #handmade #imadethis #crochetsg #bhooked #petalcrush #crochetconcupiscence #crochetgirlgang #新加坡钩针女孩 #singaporecrochetgirl #sfmgsswoon #craftastherapy #craftsposure #clevercrafters #sophiesuniverse #sophiesuniversecal2015 #microart #dollblanket

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Q : How can you even see the stitches?! Do you use a magnifier? How often do you work on your micros? 

A : I was doing a bit each day with Sophie. The thread was thicker (Gutermann Sulky Cotton 12) so I was still able to see what I doing. I only work on it during the day with good sunlight. Once I got greedy and decided to do 3 rounds (that was midway) and it took an entire day. I regret it and went back to finishing just a round a day (an hour or 2 on average) or at least till a corner. After the squaring and the butterfly band the rest were easy and I was able to do a few rounds a day because I was already very used to the momentum.

Here’s my favourite part, the roses. Isn’t it pretty? Matches my nail color too hah!


With the micro Mandala Madness (Currently she is not finished yet), the thread is thinner (Gutermann Sulky Cotton 30). The pattern, being bigger than Sophie, I anticipate it would take a longer time to complete. I was doing the same, good sunlight, one row a day. If it was taking me too much time, then at least up till the end of one repeat. There was no curling problem other than managing my own tension. (I am at Part 13 when I made this post) With 24 rows left I seem to be on the right track timeframe wise. I start to not work on it daily.

I was doing about one row a day till part 10. Row 66 took me 4 days. I don’t want to miss my own deadline (I hope to frame her by Christmas) so I started to use magnifiers after finishing that part.


Q : Where do you buy your hooks and threads? 

A : I am using Tulip hooks. I have ordered from China’s Taobao (the 0.5mm onwards). The 0.4mm by Etimo Tulip I got from Okadaya in Shinjuku, Tokyo. https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/shopping/okadaya 

I’ve recently acquired a 0.35mm from Taobao too. I don’t have any plans for that hook yet.

I looked around and notice most micro amigurumi artists use Gutermann so I bought the same brand but picked my own thread types. My focus wasn’t really on making the smallest so I did not pick the thinnest threads. I picked the range with the prettiest colors to me and that I felt the thickness would match the hook sizes that I have. In case you haven’t noticed, my works are usually color focused. So if you are color focused like me, I would suggest that you pick colors that you like first, then pick the thread type.


Q : Why? What’s the point? Are you mad?

A : Would you ask a painter why he paints?  If you have to ask, I think you won’t understand even if I answered. There is no reason for art.



So that’s the end of my lengthy post. If you have read all the way to the end, thank you!

xx wendicrocheter