That Hexy Puff


It’s been a while! Time sure flies.

I spent almost the whole of 2018 creating a blanket using a box of the Scheepjes Catona Color Pack plus a stash of Catonas. I totally loved it and this year in 2019 I recreated another version using the Scheepjes Cahlista Color pack.

I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to create a project using the yarn sent by the lovely people from Scheepjes. Yeah to Scheepjes! Thank you so much!

The throw is written in US terms and is made up of 110 hexagons using the entire pack. There is 109 shades so the final motif is made up of an assorted range of dark hues. If you prefer a uniform look, get 1 more ball of yarn, preferably a dark shade. I used the remaining yarn to make a cushion cover of 2 sides with 2 different shades of a rainbow plus a heart stitched at the centers of both sides. So end of it, one box of the Scheepjes Cahlista Color Pack is entirely used up!

She’s my first hexagon pattern and I’m incredibly thrilled to share it with you.


With lots of love, Wendi


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